Vor-TechX Case Study

After attending VentureFest Tees Valley, Chris Jones, Co-Founder of Darlington-based Vor-TechX Limited tells us how the contacts that he made at the event have led to many potential opportunities.

“For us, the connections that we made at VentureFest Tees Valley were invaluable. There was a fantastic range of people there that we wouldn’t normally connect with within our sector, so it meant we left with several new contacts.

It was reassuring talking both to companies that had gone through the funding process and those that were looking to raise funds. There was plenty of advice and experience shared at the event which helped us go through the FinanceCamp process.

Our meetings with investors have led to some potentially great opportunities. Including a possible partnership with a government sponsored organisation that is focussed on STEM businesses and subjects, which could save us a significant amount of time and money.

We are also having ongoing conversations with other investors and contacts that we made at the event about future collaboration and projects. It is clear that without VentureFest Tees Valley, we never would have made those connections.”