Sarah McMann

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, providing a wide range of services including voice, messaging, IoT and data across mobile and fixed networks.  Operating in 26 countries and partnership with networks in over 55 more, Vodafone currently services over 444 million customers, 19.5 million of which are in the UK.

Sarah McMann – Head of Contact Transformation and Optimisation for Vodafone UK, is responsible for digitising engagement across the customer base and redefining the operating model.  This includes;

Exploration and deployment of new channel capability – including; A-sync messaging, smart devices, TV, Car

Build, deployment and optimisation of Artificial Intelligence and RPA – including; process automation, Voice and Text chatbots, intuitive agent assist

Digital Containment – proactive engagement

Leveraging Big Data to transform contact strategy – predictive care.