Jarek Rosinski
Jarek Rosinski, CEO, Transmission Dynamics

Jarek started his career as a lecturer of machine dynamics at the Institute of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics in Krakow. In 2006, after 18 years of service, Jarek left Newcastle University, to pursue wholly his company Transmission Dynamics, which he founded in 1996, and to start a new company, Palringo, with his son Martin.  

JR Dynamics Ltd has grown organically, without external investment as an entirely privately funded company, which provided Jarek with greater freedom to invest in the business for the long term from the outset, but inevitably more gradual, organic, growth. This has proven to be a sound approach, with turnover in the last financial year increasing by 80% to £2.65m with 30% profit. Transmission Dynamics is now heavily investing in IoT, AI and wireless sensor networks, and seeing several significant successes including winning the North East Business Innovation Award in 2017 and the Company of the Year 2018 award on a national scale at the British Engineering Excellence Awards, amongst others. Further success in bidding for Innovate UK funding has led them to be successful in five Innovate UK grants totalling over £2m in UK government funding, with the latest First of a Kind grant for £350k, awarded in June 2019.  

Palringo Ltd specialises in social networking, instant message and voice communication delivering concept of World’s’ on Line Festival (WOLF). Palringo have to date received external investment of £6m and is supported by an international VC consortium (e-Planet, North Star, Prime Ventures and Esther Fund). Revenue in 2014 reached $14m which was 100% increase on 2013, and Palringo was the 7th fastest growing tech business in the UK in 2015 (Sunday Times Tech Track 2015). This investment route has provided rapid growth possibility. The experience of starting companies both with and without external investment has provided Jarek with extensive business experience.