David Dixon

David Dixon is the Investment Manager with DigitalCity. This role involves helping businesses become investor ready and helping to match the right growth finance to the right type of business at the right time. He has 10 years business growth/strategy experience within the digital and technology sectors

A significant element of his role was to successfully design and implement the first Scale up programme specifically for Digital and technology businesses within the Tees Valley.

The other significant element of DigitalCity is Digital transformation within the wider Tees Valley industries. David and the wider team provides advice, guidance and access to innovation specialists to help companies explore and achieve new ways of working or new products and services.

DigitalCity are keen to explore the digital transformation story of one of the world’s most recognisable brands, Vodafone. We are keen to highlight what the future of customer service could look like in the near future and highlight how artificial Intelligence, chatbots and “big data” will play their role. We will also explore how voice and not “apps” or websites could fundamentally change how we interact with the online world.