NEPIC is an award winning membership cluster organisation working with the chemical-using industries in the North East of England. They cover a broad sweep of chemistry focussed industries including petrochemicals, polymers & materials, fine & speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and renewables.

Together with member companies, NEPIC works to build upon the already powerful industrial base located here and make this region one of the most competitive and successful chemical-processing locations in Europe.

They are privately-owned, led by industry and work to support cluster members to become successful and sustainable organisations, in a collaborative business environment that helps them to grow.

Formed in 2004, NEPIC was the result of the merger of two industry bodies – the Teesside Chemical Initiative, who represented the heavy base chemical in the south of the region, and the P&S Cluster who worked with the pharmaceutical and life science businesses that were predominately based towards the north.
Steered by Michael Porter’s theory of clustering for competitive advantage, NEPIC’s remit was clear – reconnect the fragmented industrial sectors – a result of ICI’s exit from the region in the late 90’s – and create an industrial powerhouse to rival all other global locations.

In 2014, NEPIC was the first UK cluster to receive the GOLD standard ESCA accreditation for cluster excellence and its chief executive, Dr. Stan Higgins is currently European Cluster Manager of the Year – a position he will hold until December 2016. In 2015, NEPIC achieved £3 billion of Gross Value Added to the region through their activities since our inception.