VentureFest Tees Valley is perfect for start-ups

Time is precious when you’re launching a new business. VentureFest Tees Valley makes the most of yours with a programme packed with exciting and relevant content designed to save you time in the long-run and make your ideas go further.

Invest a day with us and you’ll leave with:

  • A better understanding of how to exploit ideas and develop your business
  • Opportunities to secure investment
  • Improved networks
  • A higher profile amongst potential customers, supporters and investors

Here’s how we help you to:

Growing businesses

Exploit your ideas to accelerate growth

Running a business that’s looking to grow? You’ll find plenty of inspiration and practical support here to take your ideas further.


Meet exciting business opportunities

Angel investor, fund manager, lender or crowdfunder? Meet exciting businesses in a format that’s fast, simple and effective.


Meet innovative businesses

Provide a service or product that could be used by innovative businesses? Join us and feel the benefit.