VentureFest Tees Valley is perfect for investors

We offer active investors the chance to meet ambitious businesses with bright ideas and viable propositions in a series of tailored one-to-one ten-minute meetings.

We work with business across the region, from start-ups to growing businesses, to businesses with million-pound turnovers, and bring them all together under one roof at VentureFest Tees Valley, creating an exciting marketplace where you can meet many investment opportunities all in one day.

FinanceCamp has been developed over many years to make it as efficient and effective for both investors and companies. This has now been fine-tuned into a fast and simple format where businesses are matched to your funding criteria.

Our partners work with the businesses before the big day to ensure that they understand what kind of investment they’re looking for, and how to effectively pitch their business, ensuring that they are tailored specifically to you and that the meeting is efficient and effective.

If you’re interested in taking conversations further we can help with follow-up meetings and we can connect you with other investors to discuss co-investment opportunities.

If you’re an active investor and would like to get involved, email for more information.

Growing business?

Running a business looking to grow?

No matter what size or what stage you’re at, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and practical support here to take your ideas further and help your business grow into the enterprise you want it to be.


Meet innovative businesses

Do you provide a service or product that could help innovative businesses? Join us as a partner and become part of the network.


Launch your ideas!

Are you just starting out or running an early-stage growth company? If you’re in the midst of getting your idea off the ground you’ve found the perfect place to give you a lift.