DiscoverDonate Case Study

Dr Moneeb Ahmad attended VentureFest Tees Valley at Wynyard Hall in 2018 and has seen his business, DiscoverDonate go from strength to strength following the connections he made at the event.

“VentureFest Tees Valley was superb for networking. It was a great opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals wanting to create change and innovate in the region. We gathered a lot of contacts who provided us with help to progress our business development and strategic planning. By building these key relationships, it has allowed our business to go from strength to strength.

We made some significant contacts with local universities, charities and charity regulatory bodies, which has led to us having us over 70 local charities registered with our site, including some of the biggest charities in the North East.

Discover Donate at VentureFest Tees Valley The FinanceCamp programme that we took part in at VentureFest Tees Valley also helped us understand what investors were looking for in a start-up as well as when pitching. This was a great opportunity for us to learn more about investors that we would not have got anywhere else.

Following VentureFest Tees Valley we are now in a position to build our team and are looking for developers as well as like-minded individuals with a desire to create a positive change in the world.

As more charities keep signing up, we are hoping to launch very soon to the public so that donations of all types can begin. We hope to continue getting more investment and building our team. We’re really looking forward to making a difference in the third sector with DiscoverDonate and couldn’t have got where we have without making the contacts that we did at VentureFest Tees Valley.”Discover Donate at VentureFest Tees Valley

About Discover Donate

The Discover Donate website is incredibly innovative and aims to bring millions to charity.  It allows users to search for specific charities by keywords which matter to them e.g autism, football, cats or children for example in any location. Once a charity is found users can then donate with money, their items, their time as a volunteer and most importantly, a skill.  This paves the way for photographers, accountants, web developers, joiners and thus many more to donate in any way they can. Everybody can now find what truly matters to them, and donate however they wish. A game changer in charity.

If you’re want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Moneeb