We’ve got some exciting challenges coming to VentureFest Tees Valley 2019 with Thirteen Group. Join us on the day and get involved in the challenge.

Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group Challenge

Thirteen Group are the largest housing provider in Teesside with around 35,000 homes and serving 70,000 customers. Maintaining properties and responding to customers in a timely and effective way, ensuring we delight our customers is key and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our response times. One current goal is to reduce the number of days taken to complete a repair from around 9 days on average to below 7 days, specifically for this challenge we are focusing on reducing the time taken to effectively and accurately diagnose a repair. With over 150,000 repairs to respond to a year this is a key area of work.

This quick challenge will enable us to

  • review how the process currently works,
  • identify how it can be improved and
  • identify who we might need to work with to deliver this objective

Working together with a range of Thirteen colleagues we are seeking to work with individuals and/or groups with expertise in this area but also those from other sectors and backgrounds who can bring a fresh perspective and help us smash this challenge.

To express your interest in taking part in this challenge, please fill in the form below and email it to

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