How to better engage with customers using AI

What? Whilst talk about artificial intelligence tends to focus on the far future, in reality AI is already being used to make processes more efficient and effective. A great example is the digital transformation story of one of the world’s most recognisable brands, Vodafone. This seminar will highlight what the future of customer service could look like and how AI, chatbots and “big data” will play their role. We will also explore how voice and not “apps” or websites could fundamentally change how we interact with the online world.

Why? Vodafone will share their experiences and provide ideas that you can reapply in your business.

How to launch new products and services in healthcare

What? At last year’s VentureFest, Prof Andrew Owens talked about the challenges facing healthcare from rising costs, increased demand and an ageing society. This seminar will look at what this means in practice, how innovation is being used today to make a difference both to care itself and to the wider services needed by the NHS and how local businesses can get involved.

Why? You’ll leave the seminar with both a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of healthcare innovation and knowledge of direct opportunities for your business.

How to refine your business model for growth and profit

What? Whether a completely new startup or a 50 year old company, all organisations can benefit from reviewing their business models. Business Model Canvas is a world-renowned tool for looking at every aspect of a business, from customer interactions to product delivery. This workshop is designed for you to work directly on your own business with support from business model experts.

Why? The workshop will provide a detailed analysis of your business model and suggestions for speeding up growth and increasing profitability.

How to use new materials and tech in your products

What? This decade has seen huge advances in materials science and ‘smart products’ with electronics built in. Printed electronics, 3D print objects, the ability to join materials in novel ways and make new products lighter and stronger using composites, open up possibilities for products and services that just weren’t possible previously. This workshop will help you explore opportunities using these advances in your sectors, with no technical knowledge required!

Why? The workshop is designed to create new ideas for products and services that you can commercialise from your business; it will also link you with the experts who can help you do this.